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Ochakiv wind farm components

Transportation of Wind Turbine components for Ochakov wind farm.


That was one of the first wind power plants in the country. Few companies had any experience in handling the WTG components, and there were oversized collies (very long blades, wide and high tower sections) and heavylifts, too (tower sections again, nacelles). As always, necelles are tricky in terms of slinging and require special rigging. All operations had to be done in almost defunct port that did not handle any cargo for afes. And there wre no cranes in that port.
So we had to rent the equipment – trucks, prime movers, trailers, cranes. We actually conducted stevedoring – unlashing, discharge, lay-out at the berth and storage (optimized for further delivery to the job site), then loading onto trailers, haulage to the job site, unloading to the ground.
It was necessary to maneuver with cranes a lot – work in the port, then at the job site, then port again.

So we nad to organize the complete cycle of cargo operations and delivery. Oh, and we also built a road, for there was no any. It is there yet and is still in use.





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