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Fructose production line

Organization of loading fructose production factory in Israel, sea transportation and delivery to the assembly place in Ukraine.

At first, the client wanted us to receive the goods in Ukraine and haul the to the job site. Then they asked us to arrange sea freight as well. And finally they decided to entrust us with loading operations in Israel, where the goods originated from. The lot consisted of 12 oversized units. Up to 30 m long, up to 5,5 m in diameter and weighing up to 110 mt. The equipment was not new and there was no good drawings so we had to create tech solutions with a lot of allowance and some room for customization.


Sea freight was nothing special. Found a suitable vessel in position, negotiated the terms, chartered it, loaded, secured, dispatched, unloaded in Kherson.



The hard part was the delivery to inland Ukraine. The cargo is oversized and seriously so. It was impossible to haul to transport it via roads or railroads, so river transportation was the only option. But there was no workable river port or berth we could use to get to the job site. So we had to build a temporary pier, fast, but with all the permissions. And we also had to build a connection way from this berth to nearing road. And then we unloaded the cargo by a “ro-ro” method, with proper ballasting of the barge and close control of angles and trim.


And after that there was a “normal abnormal” delivery of the cargo to the Customer’s premises for assembly.



It was a complex project, the scope changed several times, we had to adapt “on the fly”. But in the end all turned out fine. The goods were delivered in time. And within the budget.

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