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Discharging, hauling and assembly of furnace modules

A frequent customer of ours, a large plant, began equipment modernization and they purchased a part of re-forming furnace. Such furnace is a large structure, so it had to arrive knocked-doen to smaller parts. And by “smaller” we mean oversized units measuring 20 m x 5 m x 4 m and weighting up to 117 mts.
We has one day to discharge them at the nearest port and to bring them to the plant’s premises.
The nearest port had no cranes, so we used a floating cranes hired in another port.
According to design documents strength of the berth did not permit to place a truck with overweight cargo there, so we hired a specialized Institute for a detailed survey and engineering, and having acquired one we designed the route for moving, with exact position of the truck, angles and trajectory of moving the truck.
Along the route there was some unfinished construction and a fence, so wee had to carefully dismantle it all and then to re-build it.
There was no manpower in the port of choice (imagine that) so we had to bring our own gang,
We had 24 hours for everything – unlashing, discharging, delivery. We did it in 11 hours.
And then there was no crane able to discherge the units to where the plant wanted them to be, but we found a way nevertheless
And then these modules were assembled using a 600-tonnes crawler crane that we provided. Now the furnace is assembled and is ready to work.
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