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“Tukan” cranes

3 units, Split - Yuzhne

We hauled them semi-assembled. At first the Customer wanted them fully assembled but then the height would be over 80 m. That would make passage under bridges over Bosporus straight impossible, so the assembly consisted of the Portal, the machine house and the A-frame. Still, the cranes were 45 m high. And weighted 400 metric tons each. As oversized and heavyweight as it gets. Three cranes. Oh, and in the process it was found out that we can’t shipp all three in this condition as it created stability issues, so one crane had to be knocked down further (separate the machine house and the portal), and then assembled during discharging with vessel’s gear.
We had a bunch of difficulties at the loadport, as the terminal actually was a shipyard shypyard, they knew how to make things, not how to load them. Heavy and oversized in particular. Nevertheless, we brought them, assembled and delivered to the Client. Now the Port of Yuzhne breaks records of bulk cargo handling with them.


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