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Oil pressing equipment from China to Slavyansk

Combined sea delivery, transhipment, port operations and land delivery of oil pressing equipment

Once upon a time we were approached by a company who invested in new equipment of their oil pressing plant. As always with such industrial equipment a question arose – how to transport it? The lot was too small to justify chartering of a dedicated vessel and there were no lines offering a part cargo service. One the other hand some pieces were too large to fit into containers or too heavy to be lifted with port cranes. Nature, sizes and weights varied greatly and there was no simple transport solution.
The job is ours then!


We did some math, considered options and decided that it would be best to separate the lot into a container sub-lot (including and a lot of bigger items to be hauled via ro-ro, on roll-trailers (we know where to get even the longest and heavy-duty ones).
Loading and securing in China, sea freight for the two lots, port operations (2 different ports), documentation, land delivery to the jobsite.
All went well.


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