Yacht hull, in Mykolaiv, to the port of Olvia (ex. Oktyabrsk) – Dealex


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Yacht hull, in Mykolaiv, to the port of Olvia (ex. Oktyabrsk)

At first it sounded rather usual – to transport an unfinished yacht hull to a port for further shipping abroad. That was not our first yacht to transport so we took it easy and asked some regular questions – dimensions (oversized?), mass (heavyweight?), where is the point of origin and what ship it has to be loaded on, etc.
Then the surprize came – the boat was 30m long, 7,5 m wide and 5,3 metres high, weighing 40 tons. 
We had to load it deep inside the city’s boundaries and carry it trought the urban area with lots of bottlenecks and overhanging superstructures. And the trailer with cargo was no less that 6 m high. It IS oversized, abnormal and whatnot. It could not be brought to the port without removing the gates first.
The Client’s friends made a bet with him, insisting that he will never deliver the hull to the port without cutting it.
And well… Our Client won the bet! We hauled it without cutting anything off, in the night, as we had to power off electricity in some areas. But we broke nothing and no one was hurt.
Well…. One slightly drunk passer-by was a little shocked to see a boat sailing throught the city in the night…
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